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Unten – Axel Abysse and Ron Hades

Red marks still cover Axel’s body as he’s about to surrender one step further in Master Ron’s treatment : candles, flogger and a coffin.

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Jake Suffers the Cane

Jake returns and this time receives a painful caning. Tom orders Jake to strip down and assume the position. He then gives Jake several strokes of the cane, including a brief period of rapid-fire caning that has Jake squirming and trying to protect his already-red ass. You can see Jake’s surprise from the first strike of the cane. Although he had done spanking videos, he had no idea how much the cane would hurt. By the second stroke he is already fighting back tears and struggling to stay composed. He kicks his legs and shifts back and forth as he tries to cope with the stinging pain. At the end of the video, Jake’s ass is red and full of welts.
You’ll see the action repeated from several different angles, including split screen effects that show you the caning and Jake’s reaction at the same time. True to form, through it all, Jake remains respectful and obedient.

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Tyler Suspended

In this video, Tom suspends Tyler with his arms far above his head, hands bound to a spreader bar, feet barely touching the floor. Tyler hadn’t expected anything like this (again, they never ask for the details). Tyler is in amazing condition. Even this far into his spanking, his butt is merely bright red. We’ve noticed that guys who are in really good shape tend to bruise less than those in poor shape, and Tyler is no exception. However, in addition to being thoroughly embarrassing, this was one painful day for Tyler. By the end of it, he could not handle any more.
In this video, Tom goes at Tyler with his hand, a ping pong paddle, electric paddle, leather slapper, and a small oak paddle and long plastic shoe horn (both of which are very painful and cause Tyler to lose his composure). He also takes a large leather flog to Tyler’s ass and back. Tyler tries to maintain his composure, but by the end of this video his smile has disappeared as the reality of his situation, both the pain and the humiliation, settle in on him.

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Brandon’s First Spanking

The rent is too damn high! Brandon rented a place near the beach in the expensive part of town with a couple of college buddies. Unfortunately for him, his friends moved out without paying their last month’s rent. Brandon is the only one on the lease, so he is stuck and in need of more than a few bucks to avoid late fees and a looming eviction. He has accepted Tom’s offer to do a spanking video. He tries to play it off as no big deal (as so many of the boys do), but his awkward reluctance is clear.
Brandon is hung with a set of low-hangers that are on display throughout most of this video. Tom goes at Brandon with his hand, a ping pong paddle, small oak paddle, and two rulers (one metal, one plastic). This was one of Tom’s first videos and he loved every minute of it, even if Brandon didn’t. Or maybe because Brandon didn’t!

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Defiling Dylan

This video was actually shot for our other site, RedHotStraightBoys. We’ve included it on this site to give you an idea of what goes on on our other site. This video was shot immediately before Dylan’s caning video, "Dylan’s Rough Day." It was indeed a rough day for Dylan who was penetrated for the first time and then caned harshly.
Tom will always be amazed that Dylan agreed to this video. It features the first time Dylan, age 21, has had anything in his ass or engaged in any type of ass play.
Tom’s negotiations with Dylan have always been somewhat adversarial. Dylan likes the money that the videos bring, but is extremely reluctant to do anything that involves physical contact with a man. The gayer the activity, the more opposed to it Dylan is. Doing his solo video (Dylan Fucks the Sex Toy) was an easy choice, but he has only very reluctantly agreed to subsequent videos. His spanking videos were hard to negotiate. His massage and edging video was even more difficult, and this video more difficult still.
Instead of ass play, Tom started out offering Dylan a video in which Tom would blow him, but Dylan refused. Tom then offered him this ass play video as the only other alternative, certain that Dylan would rather receive a blowjob than have anything put up his ass. Tom was wrong. Dylan chose to lose his ass virginity instead. Why? Tom asked him that (only after the video was done so as not to suggest to Dylan that his choice was a bad or unusual one), and Dylan drew an analogy to his views on getting with women.
Dylan said that going down on a girl is getting further with her than just fingering her. So Dylan views himself as the girl in that sense, and he’d rather only let Tom (or any man) get as far as fingering him. While one can kind of understand Dylan’s reasoning, all of Tom’s straight friends are astounded by Dylan’s choice. Every last one of them, if they had to choose, would much rather get blown by a man than have anything up their asses. As for Dylan, he certainly didn’t enjoy getting fucked with the vibrator. After the video he told me that he’d rather get punched in the face by Chuck Liddell than take anything up his ass again.

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Jeremy’s First Spanking

First Contact Video! This video shows the first time Jeremy has ever been touched by a man in a sexual way. Jeremy is a tall, fit, straight athlete. Though it’s not a word Tom uses much, "adorable" is the first word he thought of when describing Jeremy (followed closely by "hot"). He has a beautiful, smooth body and a great head of thick blonde hair. But it’s his ass that Tom likes best. Smooth, firm, pale and round, it’s like a work of art. And it looks so good with some red added.
One of the most interesting aspects of this video is that it shows the first time a boy has ever stopped one of our spanking videos. Jeremy basically freaked out when Tom pulled his underwear down. He hopped up off of Tom’s knee, pulled up his shorts and underwear, and announced that he couldn’t continue with the spanking because he was "too straight" to do it. A six minute discussion followed.
The audio of that conversation contains too much personal information that would identify Jeremy, but it went down as follows: Tom reminded Jeremy that the contract he signed requires that he complete the entire spanking or he would not be paid. Jeremy said that he hadn’t thought he’d be over a man’s knee or that a man’s hand would be on his bare ass. When Tom pressed the issue, Jeremy had to admit that (like so many of our other models) he hadn’t asked for any specifics about the spanking, and that being over someone’s knee with one’s pants down is a very common way to be spanked. Jeremy also had to admit that he knew that the video was for an adult website, so nudity was to be expected. Still, Jeremy didn’t want to go back over Tom’s knee and proposed several alternative ways for the spanking to proceed. But Tom would never agree to that. As the minutes passed, Jeremy calmed down and realized that it was already too late to back out. He had already gone over a man’s knee, been spanked and had his underwear pulled down. He could not undo those things. Besides, he needed the money. So he swallowed his pride and went back over Tom’s knee for the continuation of the spanking exactly as Tom had planned it.

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Heavy Rubber Demo Part 1of 4

With role playing scenarios and all the bondage gear you could handle.

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Travis Over the Knee

First Contact Video! This video shows the first time Travis has been touched sexually by a man. Travis is a hot straight guy with a great face. He’s never done anything like this before, and he’s nervous. During the negotiations for this video, Tom learned that Travis played baseball for several years. So Tom had a baseball uniform waiting for him. It was immediately apparent that Travis was uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a baseball uniform for his spanking. Like so many others, he hadn’t asked for details about the spanking. He probably thought it would be a quick, mechanical spanking that would almost be a test of his manhood. But the baseball uniform must have brought home the nature of the video. Tom ordering Travis over his knee was another shock. Watch Travis’ reaction. Even as it’s happening, he can’t believe that he’s going over a man’s knee. He handles the spanking okay at first, but when Tom breaks out his new all-silicone paddle, Travis starts squirming, grunting and groaning as he holds on to Tom’s knee for dear life. The video ends with 15 licks with a wooden paddle that leave Travis’ ass as bruised as his pride. And to think he told Tom that he had a "high threshold for pain" and probably wouldn’t react much!

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Jason on the Bench

It has been over a year since Jason’s first spanking. He’s now 20 years old and finally has returned for the second spanking that he had committed to do shortly after his first spanking. Before that happened, Jason moved over 400 miles away. In the the past year he contacted Tom three times asking to borrow money so that he could come back to town and do his second spanking video. Tom loaned him money on each occasion, not because he really expected Jason to show up, but because he knows Jason has family here and would eventually come to town. At the time of the third loan, Tom told Jason not to contact him again until Jason was already in town, whenever that might be. Now Jason has finally made it to town and it’s time to pay the piper. He not only owes the money he borrowed, but also wants to make some extra money. Tom told him to come over and they’d work something out.
Jason is just a very irresponsible boy for whom discipline is a foreign concept. His parents, too busy with their own lives, never even tried to impose any serious consequences on Jason as he started to make lasting bad decisions in his life. He has a victim mentality when it comes to the consequences life itself is now imposing on him. But when he’s with Tom, all of that nonsense goes out the window. Here he’s held accountable.
This video has Jason strapped to Tom’s spanking bench in a highly vulnerable and humiliating position. Tom uses his hand, a leather strap/paddle, a ping-pong paddle and a birch on Jason. Once his ass is red and hurting, Tom breaks out his Wartenberg wheel and rolls its sharp needles across Jason’s raw ass. He then uses his electric paddle followed by a heavy-handed session with the belt. Next comes a bamboo slapper and a leather whip, which has Jason complaining loudly and struggling against the straps holding him in place. Jason whines, kicks and begs through most of the video, unable to cope with his well-deserved punishment. At several points in the video, he even starts biting or sucking on his thumb, hand and even the spanking bench. Jason was cocky and defiant through much of his first video, but this time Tom quickly puts him in his place.

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Dylan’s Rough Day

Dylan, age 21, is having a very rough day. He just finished losing his butt virginity to a large vibrating metal dildo operated by Tom (in fact, you can see some of the lube still on his butt and briefs). Now he is going to receive 15 strokes of the cane. Dylan becomes very verbal and hops around and repeatedly massages his butt cheeks after each stroke. Dylan is a tough boy, but the sting of the cane causes his eyes to water.
In this video, you will see the 15 strokes repeated from several different angles, including, of course, Dylan’s face during the session. The 15 strokes leave Dylan’s ass nicely striped. Tom can’t remember anyone who was in as much of a hurry to leave as Dylan was after this day’s shoot.

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Feeling Blue Part 1of 2

Officer Bind sets up a bondage challenge between two of his inmates.

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Kyle Suspended

This is the third part of Kyle’s spanking. Having already put Kyle over his knee and on the bench, Tom now suspends Kyle right-side up and then upside down. Tom uses his hand, a long, painful shoehorn and a ping pong paddle on Kyle’s already-raw ass. Normally a shoot wouldn’t include this much spanking, but Kyle had insisted on a higher-than-usual fee. He was unpleasantly surprised and embarrassed at having to go over Tom’s knee and at being strapped to the spanking bench. He liked the idea of being suspended even less. Like so many others, Kyle should’ve asked for the particulars before agreeing to the shoot. When you’re midway through an all-or-nothing shoot, it is too late to negotiate. Besides, Kyle made it clear in his interview that he loves to tie up women and get rough with them. It’s only fitting that he should experience it from the other side.

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Long Journey Part 1of 2

It’s uncommon for us to have this much gear at the Institute at one time.

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The Punishment Cell

Who else would dream up the bizarre heavy rubber hoods and suits he creates.

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Jeremy on the Bench

“Please, Sir!” Jeremy had started to walk out in the middle of his first spanking video (Jeremy’s First Spanking/I’m too Straight for That!), but Tom explained that Jeremy wouldn’t get paid if he didn’t submit to the rest of his spanking. Jeremy needed the money, so he went back over Tom’s knee. Now, at the beginning of his second video, Tom again warns him that the videos are all or nothing.
In this second spanking video featuring Jeremy, Tom straps Jeremy into a humiliating position on the spanking bench and goes at him with his hand (bare hand to bare ass, which Jeremy had not wanted), a riding crop, strap, belt, two flogs, a birch, Swedish shoehorn, and a huge wooden-handled antique leather strap/paddle that has Jeremy pleading for mercy. Tom actually doesn’t know what this huge leather strap/paddle is. It was made about 130 years ago by a company that made ceremonial military items. Whatever it was meant to be, it has found a new home.
Jeremy has a tender ass and a low threshold for this kind of pain. He endures the spanking, but only because he needs the money. By the end of this video, Jeremy has learned how things work. He is compliant and respectful. Tom will push him even further if he comes back for another video.

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Academy Chair

Cold water survival suit and climb into the cell where his wrists were shackled.

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