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Worn Out West Manikin

You never know what may happen to you when shopping in a used leather.

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FeetBastinadoBoys – Pavel Ba. Strapping

Release Year: 2012
Cast: Pavel Ba.
Genres: Bastinado, Spanking m/m, Flogging, Straight boy, Belting, Punishment, Strap, Feet punishment, Foot, hand spanking, Thighs punishment, Crying
Video language: English

Pavel is yet again in trouble and so is called in for a new punishment session, after stripping he is tied to the bed by his hands and feet, and then severely punished with a strap on the soles of the feet. Pavel is then also strapped on his bare thighs to the extent it actually makes him cry in pain.

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Justin Suspended

Justin had never been paddled or spanked before coming to us. If he has always been as respectful and obedient as he’s been with Tom, he may be one of the few who never needed corporal punishment growing up. He is, by all appearances, a very good young man.
Having been paddled and spanked by Tom, Justin now faces the totally unexpected embarrassment and pain of being suspended with his hands far above his head and his feet barely touching the floor. It’s a very exposed position for a straight boy to find himself in and, if that isn’t enough, Tom also makes him wear a leather bulldog harness.
You’ll see the action from several different angles as Tom uses his hand, a leather slapper, a riding crop and two different flogs on Justin. The second, a small PVC flog, is particularly painful. Justin has as hard a time with it as Tyler did. By the end of this video, Justin’s ass is bright red with many small marks from the tips of the flogs.

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Steve Wright’s First Spanking Part 1

First Contact Video! This video marks the first time Steve, who is just 18, has ever been touched sexually by a man. In fact, he had never even been naked in front of another guy. Tom had offered Steve a spanking video, but Steve quickly refused. Hell, he didn’t even want to take his clothes off for his jerk off video. Steve finished that jerk off video (you can read about that video on our other site, RedHotStraightBoys), and was about to walk out the door.
Tom just couldn’t stand the fact that he wasn’t going to get his hands on Steve’s amazing ass, so he made Steve one last offer for a spanking video. It was too good for Steve to refuse, so he made a last-minute decision to accept. Of course, that meant Steve had absolutely no specifics about what he was in for. Tom gives Steve a lengthy, hard spanking. As the spanking goes on and on, Steve’s nervous smile fades and his eyes begin to tear up from the pain. At the end of this video Steve can’t believe how far his spanking has gone. And it was only the halfway point! Steve’s ass felt every bit as good as it looked and Tom was in no hurry to finish.

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Jeremy’s Interview

Jeremy, age 19, is a hot, smooth straight boy with a muscular body and winning smile. Like most (if not all) of our models, Jeremy has never done any type of adult work before and he is very nervous. Jeremy has had sex with over three dozen women, including the 52-year-old mother of one of his friends. His friend’s mother, a flight attendant, invited him along on a three-week vacation during which she knew he would turn 18. She then presented herself to him as a surprise birthday present. She couldn’t keep her hands out of the Jeremy cookie jar, and who can blame her?

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Kyle Stewart’s First Spanking Part 1

This is Kyle’s first spanking. He is a very masculine, muscular young man with a firm, round ass. As is always the case, Kyle only reluctantly agreed to a spanking. His decision was made easier because he had always been subjected to strict discipline. He readily admits that he was badly-behaved and always deserved what he got. He apparently came into to this spanking thinking it would be nothing in comparison to previous ones, but he was wrong.
Tom orders Kyle over his knee as the spanking begins. It’s immediately clear from the look on Kyle’s face that, like so many other boys we shoot, he had not expected to be in such a position. But he obeys and the spanking begins. As it progresses, Tom orders Kyle to strip and resume his position over Tom’s knee. The spanking continues by hand, with a birch and a riding crop. Kyle keeps a smile on his face, but the tears well up as the spanking begins to wear on him.

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Tyler Davis Over the Knee Part 1

Tyler is back for his second spanking shoot, and it’s just about the last thing he wanted to do. He contacted Tom looking to do another video, but made it clear that he would not do another spanking video. Tom told him that it would be another spanking or nothing. Within a couple of days Tyler relented and agreed to this video.
Tyler maintained a calm, cool demeanor during parts of his first spanking shoot. But he is much more antsy and disturbed during this shoot. This time he knows what he’s in for. He hadn’t asked for details before his first spanking shoot. Surprisingly, he hadn’t asked for details before this shoot, either. He knew his spanking would be lengthy, painful and embarrassing, but hadn’t anticipated having to put on a baseball uniform and then go over a man’s knee. As the cameras were adjusted and the chair put in place, Tyler realized he was in for an old-fashioned, over-the-knee spanking. It was clear he didn’t want to be in that position, but he knew from the negotiations that it was going to be Tom’s way or no way at all. And by that time he was already counting on the money from the shoot.
By the end of this first part of his over-the-knee spanking, Tyler has given up on his cheerful demeanor. He’s breathing heavily and can barely stand up when told to.

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Justin Bennett Over the Knee Part 1

First Contact Video! This video marks the first time that Justin has been touched by a man in a sexual way (there was a brief hand swat at the end of his paddling video, but Justin was so shell-shocked by the experience that its doubtful it even registered with him).
Justin’s paddling video resulted from a surprise last-minute offer from Tom. Justin hadn’t even known that Tom shot spanking or paddling videos. Justin considered Tom’s offer momentarily and accepted.
That paddling was so severe that Justin almost wouldn’t agree to come back for this spanking video. Tom had to offer him more than usual, but was willing to do so to get his hands on Justin’s firm ass. In this video, Tom goes at Justin with his bare hand, a riding crop and a birch. Justin’s discomfort is immediately apparent when Tom orders Justin over his knee. Justin awkwardly complies and soon the physical pain surpasses Justin’s embarrassment and discomfort. As was the case in his paddling video, Justin is obedient and respectful.

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Jason Williams’ First Spanking

Jason fights back tears through much of this video, failing to hold them back at least once or twice. He is an 18-year-old high school senior who has been getting in more and more trouble in the past year. Everything has come to a head and Jason is facing some real-life consequences if he doesn’t come up with enough cash to pay back the money he borrowed. Jason is a little wiseass and he knows it. During this spanking, he admits that he wouldn’t be doing so poorly in school and getting into so much trouble if the authority figures in his life had been disciplining him. Like so many boys his age, Jason has been allowed to do as he pleases by parents who are too busy with their own lives to supervise his. It may seem like fun while you’re a kid, but Jason is learning that the poor choices he has made with all that freedom have lasting consequences.

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Young Bastards – Cum Dump Sucks it Clean

Release Year: 2020
Studio: Young Bastards
Cast: Jason Rinaldi, Agustin Herman
Genres: anal, bareback, bdsm, gay, kissing, latino, oral, porn, sex

Agustin Herman follows Jason Rinaldi back to his place and within moments he’s gagging on that juicy cock. With his meat raging, Jason takes aim at his pal’s fuck hole, ramming his raw meat deep inside. Agustin is a slutty bottom and can’t stop his cum from spewing. That’s all Jason needs, his dick is quickly gushing juices, ready to be fucked back into his cum dump.

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Duration: 13:01
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Tyler Davis Over the Knee Part 2

This is Part 2 of Tyler’s over-the-knee spanking. Throughout his spankings, Tyler always tries to maintain a cheerful demeanor, but he loses his composure at several points in this video. He struggles with the spanking and repeatedly asks Tom to rub his ass rather than spank it. Near the end his eyes are tearing up. Hell, he looks on the verge of breaking down at the beginning of this video.
Tyler only agreed to this video because he had an immediate need for money. There are people in his life who would be happy to loan or give him money, but he said he would absolutely never borrow money. A lot of people say they won’t borrow money, and many mean it. But, by doing these videos, Tyler has proven his independence in a way very few young people would. At the conclusion of this video he tells Tom he cannot take any further spanking no matter what the pay.

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Justin Bennett Over the Knee Part 2

Justin’s over-the-knee spanking continues. This video opens with Justin completely nude and well into his spanking. Tom uses his bare hand, a birch, a ping-pong paddle and a hair brush on Justin’s firm ass. The pain is pushing Justin’s limits by the end of this video.

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Jason Williams’ Interview

Jason is an 18-year-old high school student. Tom had been talking to him about doing a video for several weeks before he came in for this shoot (his first ever). He was interested from the start, but wasn’t in any hurry. Then one day he contacted Tom and wanted to do a video right away. Why the hurry? Because he had borrowed money from a guy he knows and that guy wanted to be repaid right away. So Jason decided to do this video shoot right away instead of waiting. His car had broken down, so Tom picked him up at the end of the school day and brought him over for this shoot. In this interview video you’ll learn about Jason’s sexual history and some of what makes him tick. You’ll also watch him strip off his clothes revealing his tight, lean student body.

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The Casting Part 1of 2

He flails helplessly and no matter how hard he pulls on the springs they always win by returning.

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Audio: 153kbps

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Young Bastards – Sonny, Felix and Fabrice

Release Year: 2020
Studio: Young Bastards
Cast: Sonny, Felix, Fabrice
Genres: anal, bareback, bdsm, gay, latino, oral, porn, sex, threesome

Sonny can’t defend himself when rough lads Felix and Fabrice arrive to find him chained up and hanging like a piece of meat. After inspecting the goods and playing with his plump ass the boys are getting their hard uncut cocks out, taking turns to use their new boy toy between them. Sonny might have been reluctant at first but with one wet dick dribbling tasty pre in his mouth and the other fucking his perfect little ass he’s soon compliant enough to be released for some good riding, the dom boys spit-roasting him between them until they’re splashing his ass and mouth with cum and making him spew his own hot mess.

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Duration: 15:36
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5815kbps
Audio: 61kbps

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Lukas Tyler Hoist Test – Part 1 of 2

To view these videos, click on the links below or right-click over the links to download the video files to your computer.

Format: mp4
Duration: 18:58
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4838kbps
Audio: 309kbps

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Load Taking Cum Whores

Release Year: 2009
Cast: Lorenzo, Axl Mews, Damien Silver, Orion Galvani, Adam Fine, Jore Wu, Lany Ritz
Genres: BDSM, Fetish, Anal, Oral, Mask, Rimming, Big Cock, Dildo, Toys, Vacuum Pumping, Deep Throating, Interracial, Tattoos
Video language: English

These guys love to take cum whether it is in the mouth or in their ass! There is some threesome action along with one on one. These guys wear mask and cockrings to bring a spark to their sexual appeal. These boys have one thing in common! The love of dick and cum! So cum and watch these guys pound away.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:21:07
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video V7, 2255kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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Compilation No.5 – Maso

Axel often claims not to be submissive… but we all know he loves it rough !

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Duration: 25:23
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 3856kbps
Audio: 305kbps

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Paradox Alpha – Axel Abysse and CagedJock

Cagedjock condemned himself years ago, locking his useless dick in a chastity device. The weaker his tool gets, the stronger becomes his mind and body… For his first encounter with Axel, his sadistic side takes over, proving the Alpha Male isn’t what we could expect. Hands tied, head shaved and face fucked, Axel leaks on the floor as he asks for more, until exhausted.

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:52
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 3547kbps
Audio: 305kbps

File size: 646.9 MB

Oben – Axel Abysse and Ron Hades

Confidence and self-control are left behind as Axel enters the room to experience the touch of a true sadist. Master Ron got his ropes ready.

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:38
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 3853kbps
Audio: 305kbps

File size: 782.5 MB