You Should’ve Kept Your Mouth Shut

Dixie is to rendezvous with a man and deliver a bag full of money. She’s sitting in a hotel bar, sipping a cocktail and looking around for the man dressed in a black suit. A man walks in, wearing a grey suit, and executes the meeting. He comes to her, pretends to pick up a book of matches from the floor at her feet and hands the book to her. Dixie thanks him and as he walks off, she opens the matches and the room number is written inside. She quickly finishes her beverage, grabs the bag and wonders off to the room. Dixie knocks to the door, the same man answers and tells her to come in. Once inside, she sits down on the bed and hands him the bag of cash. Dixie laughs about how she was little concerned about him wearing a grey suit and not black as she was told he’d be wearing. The man entertains a laugh but quickly pulls out a piece, telling her she should have just kept her mouth closed about the suit and he wouldn’t have to do what he’s about to do. He goes to the bedside table and pulls out a roll of tape and a rag. Dixie pleads that she’ll keep her mouth closed…he has the money, her should just let her go. But his bosses wouldn’t appreciate letting her go. He hands her the rag and tells her to put it in her mouth. Dixie does as she is told and then the man tapes her wrists behind her back, then wraps tape around her mouth to keep the rag in. He moves on to tape up her chest, then finally gets to taping her ankles together. He grabs his phone and makes a phone call to his boss as Dixie struggles in the tape bondage. Dixie overhears him saying that he has the money but he ran into a bit of an issue aka Dixie. He gets off the phone and tells her it’s not looking good for her but his boss needs to talk to his boss. He adds some tape to her legs just to be extra cautious that she’ll be there when he gets back. He decides to go wait it out over a cocktail at the bar. Poor Dixie tries to free herself, even tries to stand and hop but the tape proves too much. Before long, she’s back struggling on the bed waiting for her impending doom.

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