You Shouldn’t Make the Boss Mad When You Work For a Zip Tie Company

Video language: English

Rin works for a company that manufacturers cable ties or Zip ties, as they are commonly called. She pissed off a major customer and that pissed off her boss. Now, because of the lost business, He now has a surplus of zip ties. What to use them for… He decides that Rin Ziptied in an uncomfortable position for the day will teach her a lesson. The clip starts with Rin being lead into the warehouse. Her wrists already have been bound with the cruel nylon straps. She is spanked a few times before he connects her wrists to an overhead hoist and her into a strappado. He is soon zipping up her legs. She ends up with 9 on her legs. He takes off her fashionable scarf and cleave gags her with it to at least muffle her protests a bit. Then more zip ties. He adds a few above and below her tits…

Total size: 1.5 GB in 2 files.