You Must Pass The Test To Become My Slave – Nicole – Full HD 1080p

Nicole has a lot of fans .. rose has been begging Nicole for a long time to take her into slavery, and at last today this day has come. Nicole decided to give the pathetic rose a real test .. She took her out of city where she ordered rose to wallow in the mud like a real pig .. rose is ready for any humiliation to become Nicole’s slave and falls face down in the mud. Nicole gets her feet very dirty in the mud and orders rose to lick and swallow it. Loser rose worships Nicole’s very dirty feet while she insults and laughs at her. "Do you still want to be my slave? Look at you .. now you aren’t human, you are a disgusting pig" – Nicole says with disgust and shoves her dirty foot deep into rose’s mouth. It’s hard to imagine how much dirt rose ate from Nicole’s feet .. Nicole is kind today and decided to keep her for herself for further humiliation and fun. rose coped with the test.. Now she is a slave girl.

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Duration: 13:00
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