Worthless Cunt Part 3

Marina is so horny from the strict bondage and use of her holes, she can barely contain herself. When PD leaves her alone after a quick suck, she starts furiously rubbing her hot pussy until she cums. She doesn’t know it, but PD is watching remotely. Her hard work makes PD’s cock stand up, so he comes to get some of the action.
She is on display. Marina is on her knees, where she belongs. Wrists and ankles shackled behind, mouth filled with a huge metal gag, and tits clamped tightly so she cannot move. She is vulnerable to all of PD’s favorite toys: cane, shocker, pogo, and vibrator. Then she is mounted on a wooden column, arms in strappado and feet shackled behind. Her legs are pushed apart, exposing her pussy. Again, she must endure the defilement of her body.
Her access to water has been limited during her stint at the Farm with PD. Now she has more water than she can handle. PD gives her three which she fails to hold, so her punishment is being lowered into the pond for an icy cold bath.

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