Whitney Morgan – Date From Hell

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

David andWhitneyare on their first date. After dinner, he invites her back to his place and she seems to think they really have a connection. She agrees to let David try something a little kinky and tie her up for their after dinner fun. She tells him that she’s actually really curious and tries to lay on the bed, expecting him to tie her spread eagle. She’s a bit confused when he ties her ankles together and comments on the rope being a bit tight.After her ankles are tied, she slides up on the bed and once again spreads her arms. David tells her to flip over explaining that it will make things better. He grabs her arms and pulls her arms behind her. At this pointWhitneyis feeling a little less trusting. She tells him that she thought this was going to be sexy and romantic and this wasn’t what she had in mind at all. David ties her wrists together and she exclaims that this is a bad idea and begs him to let her go. She even tries to convince him that maybe they can do this on their second date instead.David continues to add rope toWhitney, securing her arms together at the elbows too. Once her arms are tied, he grabs a big red ball gag and with some efforts, shoves the giant ball into Whitney’s mouth, pulling it tight and buckling it behind her head. She whimpers into the gag and tries to roll away from her date from hell. He’s not done with the sexy blonde yet though. He takes another rope and ties her head off to the headboard and she squeals loudly. She pulls on the rope banging the headboard against the wall while he ties her knees together. He then pulls her knees up and ties them off to the rope around her neck, making it impossible for her to move too much. He uses another rope to tie her wrists off to the opposite side of the headboard and then runs his hands all over her helpless body.Whitneystruggles pulling against the ropes and eventually, David unties her to bring her to another room for some more fun..

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Duration: 13:54
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