Whitney Morgan – Closing the Sale

Release Year: 2019
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

A note from Serene:Whitneyis one of my favorite people to work with and this clip shows exactly why. She does an amazing job and struggles from beginning to end. She’s also very vocal with lots of super sexy sounds, great dialog, and lots of gag talk. She makes one hell of a damsel and I was thrilled to get the chance to meet her and can’t wait to work with her again in October!Whitneyis showing Mr. Andrews a house she has been desperate to try to sell and thus far he seems interested. She’s wearing a skirt that’s a little too short, but she hoping it may sway his decision. She’s also wearing high heels, a black blazer, and black glasses. She brings him to the den and tries to promote the fact that it has a ceiling fan and lovely wooden paneling, referring to it as quaint. She asks him what he thinks about it and he responds by saying he thinks it will be an excellent place to and tie up women with almost a casual tone, still looking around at the space.Whitney, confused looks at him and asks him to repeat what he said.Mr. Andrews grabsWhitney, taking her by surprise and she gasps feeling his hands clutch her upper arms. His strong arms wrap around her and waist and pull her close to him. He pulls rope form his pocket and brings her elbows together behind her back. She kicks and squeals pulling away from him. She tells him that she has other showing for the house hoping this may scare him into letting her go. It doesn’t work though. Her skirt rides up revealing her print panties as she struggles. She collapses to the floor and he pins her chest to the stool. She lets how high pitches gasps trying to pull away from the man. He uses the rope to lash her elbows tightly together until they are touching behind her back.Whitneypants horrified at what he’s doing to her. When she starts getting too feisty, he puts her arm around her throat choking her and telling her that she really doesn’t want him to get mean. She begs him not to hurt her, but he just adds more rope to her wrists and ankles. She moans and sobs, squirming around leaning over the stool. The man explains that he saw her billboards and business cards and couldn’t help but picture her tied up. When he tells her that there are a lot of places that would pay for a pretty little blond girl she goes into a panic. She jerks hard at the ropes but they aren’t going to slip. He even ties her sexy high heels on her feet so them don’t come off while she struggles.Mr. Andrews isn’t done yet though.Whitneyweeps, begging him to stop touching her. He raises her skirt and spanks her round sexy ass a few times making her squeak and whimper like a classic damsel in distress. When he ties her ankles up to her elbows putting her on knee point, she tells him that the maintenance people are coming later. He laughs at her pitiful attempts to get him to leave. In a squeaky voice she whimpers that she thought he wanted to buy a house, feeling foolish for wearing the extra short skirt today.When Mr. Andrews stuffs a huge black ball gag in her mouth she yells loudly, shaking her head trying to dislodge the huge ball. She gets even more upset as this last violation, taking away her speech. He spanks her some more to make her squeal into the gag. He leaves her alone for a few moments but comes back with more rope to add to her sexy body. He gets her to beg through the gag but does not intend to let her go. He lays her down on the floor placing her on her stomach. He pulls her hair back behind her head and ties a piece of rope in her hair then pulls her head back sharply. He reties the hogtie rope to make it tighter. Little bubble of spit come out of the side of the gag and burst. He then ties the rope from her hair back to her wrist rope, keeping her head back and making her a lot more uncomfortable. He leaves her alone for her next showing, tightly bound, gagged and drooling, and her skirt around her waist..

Format: mp4
Duration: 18:44
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4877kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 695.7 MB