Wes’ First Spanking

This is not only Wes’ first spanking video, but also the first time he has been touched by a man. Wes is an extremely fit 22-year-old straight boy with a muscular body and a great face. He was hesitant to do a video, but, even though he is a hard-working young man, he needed some extra income.
In this video, you’ll see a brief interview with Wes followed by the worst spanking he’s ever received. Wes was no stranger to physical discipline growing up. He is used to the sting of a belt, but that didn’t prepare him for what Tom has in store for him today.
Tom starts by ordering Wes over his knee. Wes is surprised, but reluctantly submits. You can see he’s swallowing his pride by the look on his face. Tom begins with his hand and then a paint stick. Next comes a leather strap and a long session by hand. Wes’ bubble butt gets redder and redder as the spanking progresses. At the end of the video, Wes tells Tom that this was the longest and harshest spanking he’s ever received.
Submitting to this spanking was not easy for this proud young man. Once he did, he withstood it all, and has indicated a willingness to come back for another shoot. He told Tom that he does what it takes to take care of the people in his life.

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:23
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7729kbps
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