Wenona part1

Today Wenona is in Dr. Cupcakes care. He plans on testing out his straps on a very strong and fit damsel, which is why Wenona is his test subject. Wenona stands with her wrists already bound. A big red ballgag is shoved in her mouth before the clear strap harness is buckled into place. Once she is more secure and gagged, Dr. Cupcakes manhandles her and notes her reactions as his hands explre her tight body. The harness is attached overhead, to keep her in place, before her muscular body is oiled up. He then starts tightly strapping her legs. Out comes the ball gag, but it is quickly replaced with a matching clear panel, Harness, ballgag. Finally lots of straps are used to bind her arms, and more to pin her arms to her upper body. This is where Part 1 ends.

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