[email protected]’s Part 2 London River HD

Release Year: 2021

London is stark naked and lying on the floor down her belly, she gets immediately tied to her wrists and ankles by a strong rope with sturdy knots. She is then given a kind of tomato pudding with a sauce on a cardboard that looks disgusting and that she has to lick almost clean, the rest is spread onto her face. London now drags herself on the floor and tries and unlink the knots to her ankles, one of the torturers realizes that and so punishes her with an electric stick. After some contortions London gets rid of the ropes and is standing free, she gives the ropes to a torturer and cleans her thighs and chicks from dust. Now she has to bend over and well spread her chicks, showing her asshole and then she has to sit down on the floor, bring her right foot to her mouth and lick the toes, finally a thick rope is fixed between her pussy lips and she seems to like it. Again on the floor London is very well bound this time: ankles are roped and legs are bended and tied to the flanks, wrists are roped behind the back, even her inches and big toes are tied together, elbows are roped one to the other and a rope passes under the throat too, finally a double ended hook is inserted into her nose. Some ropes are connected all around her body and keep London into stretching, while she gets caned onto her feet soles and her buttocks.
London is now bound to a small wood table with straps at her ankles, knees, flanks and wrists, a torturer sits down by her and starts spanking her bottom, slapping her face and quickly fondling her ass. London’s chicks become fully red as the spanking gets tougher like the face slapping does, she is also kicked in the ass by a female torturer with heavy boots, London complains and laughs hysterically. Now a torturer gets a heavy wood paddle and starts using it on London’s red ass, the hits are rather strong as London screams and cries, tears fall down from her nose to the floor. The female torturer is very gentle and so lowers her trousers, but keeps her loincloth on, to wipe London’s tears with her buttocks, actually London’s face disappears into her ass. The paddling goes on and gets stronger on London’s bottom, feet and calves, she would scream but her shouts are choked by the woman’s ass.
In the end London gets several hard kicks in her buttocks and even strong punches in her back and shoulders, while her tears flow generously. London will need some sweet kisses to hearten her and close the scene.

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Duration: 1:17:16
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