Was It Really Just A Dream In Ultra HD

Video language: English

Late one evening Ren was tired from working at the club all day. She lays down on the couch and falls a XXXX. She had over heard a conversation at the club earlier that day about bondage. She secretly always wondered what it would be like to be tied up. She begins to toss and turn as her mind goes into a deep XXXX. She begins to dream about being tied up. She is on the coffee table with her hands and ankles tied. As she get’s deeper in the dream her bondage get’s tighter. She is hogtied and gagged. She is hot and sweaty from struggling to get loose. As the night goes on her dreams get darker and darker. She suddenly wakes up all hot and bothered. She thinks to herself OMG what a dream. That is when she noticed the marks. She looks and thinks what is this. She finds some small pieces of rope and wonders. She see’s a black strap sticking out from under the pillow. It was the gag she had in. She is completely frightened thinking it was just a dream. Or was it.

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Duration: 13:37
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 6717kbps
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