Vivian Irene Pierce – Unconventional Therapy – A Multi-Girl, Multi Scene s

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
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Bondage has always been an obsession for me, but lately it’s been getting out of hand, so I’ve decided to see Vivian Irene Pierce, a prominent therapist. Under her direction, I explain how my obsession began when my baby sitter (Rachel Adams) let me tie her up and play bondage games as a kid. Lately, though, I want to tie up every woman I see! I describe my fantasies of binding Jeanette Cerceau in a tight chicken wing hogtie and relishing in her drooling and whimpering around her ball gag as the position takes it’s toll, or tying up Dominica, the teller at my local bank and watching her struggle. My therapist asks if I have ever had any fantasies about her, and I confess the scene playing in my mind of her bound and gagged in her sexy business attire, a fat cleave gag in her mouth as she sensuously writhes against the ropes. I can picture her bound cross-legged, her skirt hiked up to reveal her panties and her stockings and garter, her high heeled feet pulling against the ropes that anchor them to the chair. I’m brought out of my fantasy when she explains that is simple transference, a common occasion in therapy settings, and that it may be a good idea to explore this further. I’m in complete agreement, and leap from the sofa to plaster an old cloth against her face! Struggling in surprise and fear, unable to call for help with the pad clamped over her mouth, she breathes in the fumes from the rag, growing sleepier by the second until she dozes off. When she awakens, she’s been stripped to her lingerie, still in her stockings and garter, high heels still on. To add to her embarrassment, she’s been tightly bound and gagged with a fat red ball gag! I’d love to stay and watch her struggle, but my hour is up. However, I’ll definitely pick things up from this point at our next session!!.

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