Vincent Over the Knee

Vincent is a tough 20-year-old military boy who really resents being spanked. Many of the boys at least try to go into their spankings with a positive attitude (though that tends to wear off), but Vincent is in a bad mood from the start.
Tom thought Vincent might have walked out on his first spanking video if he had tried to put Vincent over his knee, so he had Vincent bend over a stool, instead. But this is Vincent’s second video, so over Tom’s knee he goes. Vincent didn’t know that would happen, and, as is so often the case, you can see his surprise when he realizes the position he will be in.
Tom uses his hand, a leather slapper and a belt on Vincent’s round butt. It is long before Vincent is scowling at the camera as his butt becomes redder and redder. The belt in particular is hard to take, but the hand spanking afterward really pushes Vincent’s limits.
You can tell he doesn’t like it when Tom pulls down his cargo shorts, revealing Vincent’s tighty whities. Vincent does not like all of this attention to his butt. At one point, he tells Tom he doesn’t like people looking at his butt. Tom then reminds him that a great many people are going to be looking at his butt.
Vincent’s bad attitude is moderated as this spanking continues and he learns that his impudence only results in harsher punishment. He might not like it, but he does comply. That’s how spankings work.

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