Unpaid Consequences

This is our first unpaid video. Owen knew up front that he wouldn’t be paid for this shoot because he had failed to show up for the previous two shoots he had scheduled. Tom understands that college students, especially good-looking ones, are busy with their studies and social lives. The problem wasn’t just not showing up on the scheduled days, but also failing to let Tom know a sufficient time in advance. So, when Owen finally contacted Tom to reschedule a second time, Tom told him the shoot, which was originally to only be a video for our other site (RedHotStraightBoys), would now include an unpaid spanking. Although he was taken aback by this, Owen agreed because he was once again short on funds.
Tom straps Owen to a massage table in this video, using a cushion to prop Owen’s firm butt up and out for his spanking. Owen looks great in this very subordinate position.
Tom then administers a hard strapping with a large belt along with some hand spanking. Owen has one tough butt. Instead of reddening like other boys’ butts, Owen’s butt only turns pink. But that doesn’t mean he has an easy time with the spankings. To the contrary, Owen’s butt is quite sensitive and he has a very hard time with every spanking.
Owen finds the belt particularly hard to take, which is why Tom chose it for this session. If Owen wasn’t sorry for failing to show up for his previously-scheduled shoots going into this video, he certainly is by its end. The belt leaves him a very remorseful, chastened young man, as evidenced by the look on his face throughout this video.

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