Universal Spanking – Picking Her Poison Part 1: Those Spankings At Home

Riley Jane ("Attitude Adjustment #4"/"The Brat Gets Strapped"/"The Alternative Punishment") has been slacking off since leaving for her first year of college, in fact she’s already failed a class! Riley thinks that her step won’t find out, but of course he’s going to be getting the bill as she’s going to have to take the class all over again. There have been other behavioral problems as well, so her step does what a real step- is supposed to do, he confronts her about the situation and offers a solution. He gives her a choice, she can be cut off from his wallet and do what she chooses, or she can take a spanking punishment like she would have received when she lived at home. Riley reluctantly chooses the corporal punishment option and is then instructed that she will be an active part of this punishment,…she must pick five painful implements out of a selection of ten implements. As tough as she plays for her step , Riley knows that she is going to cry a lot today!
The spanking starts out with Riley bent over the couch in her tight jeans getting spanked by the hand, though soon her step uses the first implement that she chose, the riding crop. Riley immediately begins to struggle taking the cropping, she’s always despised having to take any form of corporal punishment. Next, Riley’s jeans come down exposing her round cheeks, the crop strokes sizzle her bare flesh and it’s just the beginning of the punishment. Next, a reformatory strap is used and the tears start to flow, Riley becomes a mess right in front or our eyes,…at least we get to watch this sassy girl get the spankings that she so richly deserves!
The third implement that Riley chose is a split tailed strap. That strap can light a girl’s behind on fire and that’s exactly what it does. During this strapping, Riley’s bottom is fully bared, she’s been crying for a good long while now and things aren’t going to get any easier when her step ‘s leather belt is applied to her bare behind! Riley knows that belt all too well, and it turns her into even more of a sobbing mess. Finally, Riley goes over her step ‘s knee for a paddling. A stiff leather paddle can have a girl pleading for the punishment to stop, in fact, Riley promised that she would be a better girl. Let’s hope that she keeps her word, because she’ll be facing five other painful implements if she doesn’t, unless she can come up with another way to appease her strict step .

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