Two Boys In Trouble

Cast: Lance Hart And Miles Striker
Genres: Bondage, BDSM, Males In Distress, Men In Bondage, Struggle, Pain, Drool, Suffer, Gagged
Video language: English

Lance is a rich businessman (dressed in a shirt, tie, dress pants and shoes) who is XXXX and held for ransom. Hes XXXX and taken to a hideout (the room you used in the other movie would work). Hes tied up on the floor (hands, arms, thighs, ankles. Gagged with a bandanna between his teeth). When the kidnapper (you!) leaves to contact his family to demand money, he sees you have left your cell phone on a table. He squirms over to the wall and uses the wall for leverage to stand up. He hops over to the table and tries desperately to dial the phone with his bound hands but cant. He bends over and dials it with his nose and is able to get 911. They track his location and send a plain clothes cop to rescue him (Miles). Miles finds him, and unties him. Miles asks him what happened and Lance explains in detail how he was XXXX, tied up, gagged and how he was able to squirm to the phone. I like it when men recount their peril. I like to hear them talk about it. Then the kidnapper returns and gets the drop on them. They are XXXX to strip to their underwear and are tied to chairs facing each other (gagged with ball-gags). The kidnapper leaves to collect the ransom. Miles and Lance struggle desperately to get free. They attempt to inch the chairs close to each other and try to loosen each others bonds (you could position the chairs back to back if thats easier. But I like it when they look into each others eyes while helpless. The point is to have them try to loosen the other guys knots). The kidnapper returns to find them doing this, releases them from the chairs and tells them to strip completely naked, and XXXX Lance to hogtie Miles on the floor. Classic hogtie with his hands tied behind his back and cinched to his ankles as close as they are able. Gagged with duct tape. Then Lance is hogtied and gagged the same way. They struggle and ultimately squirm back to back and untie themselves and can escape before the kidnapper returns.

Format: mp4
Duration: 26:42
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 6209kbps
Audio: 128kbps

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