Trapped In The Back Room

Studio: BoundGuys

Poor Jon doesnt even remember how long hes been tied up in the back room of his psychotic captors house but every time the man enters the room, hes taken another piece of dignity away from poor Jon. This time hes coming for the last shred of fabric covering Jons body…his underwear. The cruel captor takes his time, rolling Jons bound body over and playfully giving his ass a few slaps. Jon can only grunt his pleas of mercy into his gag as the man slowly removes his briefs, exposing the prize that his captor has been waiting all along to see: his naked cock, wrapped lovingly for display. The captor smiles as he sees the fear in Jons eyes and hears the tremble of his voice. Jon knows hes in trouble now. But for his captor, well, now that everythings out in the open, the real fun can finally begin.

Format: mp4
Duration: 7:56
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