Tomiko: Realtor Gets Screwed

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Ivan is a little more than upset about losing his house. If only Tomiko hadn’t sold him something that was out of his budget, he’s still have a house. Now it’s gone and it’s all her fault. Ivan drags Tomiko into the room and throws her over the bed, her ass sticking high in the air. He pins her wrists behind her back while he grabs some tape to start binding her wrists. She tries to apologize and offers to show him other houses claiming that it wasn’t her fault he lost the house. Ivan tells her that he knew he couldn’t afford it and she talked him into it. Her reply was well if you went out and got a second job you could have. Ivan tells her that he got a second job…that there are people that pay good money for sexy women. He throws her back on the bed and winds the tape around her ankles lashing them together. He adds more tape around her upper torso just below her breasts and around her knees above and below just to keep her secure. Tomiko exclaims that she’s not going to be a prostitute. Ivan explains that she won’t really get a choice in the matter. He tells her that things have already set in motion and she doesn’t have a choice. He then pulls out a ball gag and stuffs it in her mouth silencing her excuses and lies. Tomiko lays on the bed, somewhat defeated. Ivan isn’t done yet though, he unbuttons her blouse exposing her tan breasts before he goes to deal with her car. He leaves her alone on the bed, squirming, wiggling, and arching. He manages to make it to the edge of the bed and slides slowly to the floor getting on her knees. Once on the floor, she kicks off her shoes and looks around for a phone or something to help her. Before she can get anywhere though, Ivan comes back in and catches her on the floor. He lifts her back up and throws her bound body on the bed. Ivan picks of the tape and tapes her ankles up to her thighs, doubling her legs and making any escape impossible. She pulls against the tape, moaning, and sliding all over the bad but it doesn’t give. Finally, Ivan I ready to take her to her new location. He cuts one of the leg ropes and slides her shoe back on her feet. She tries to get away from him but he throws her over his shoulder and carries her out the door to her new life, one where she will be the one being screwed. Starring Tomiko.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 6:20
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 94.2 MB