Toby part 9

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Toby but we never forget a face! When we last saw this cheeky fella he was a fresh-faced pup nervously testing out his limits. Now he’s a full bodied man with a rich hairy chest and a stubborn masculine attitude. He only wants to make videos fucking chicks but we’ve got other plans for him. Adrian strips him down to examine how his chest has filled out and his muscles have grown since he last used him. Like a lot of fully grown straight men he’s become a lazy fucker so Adrian makes him struggle to serve and display himself like a whore. Toby utterly humiliates himself ringing the stupid little bells attached to his nips and dick while Adrian whacks his arse till it glows red. Not only is his total embarrassment being filmed but Adrian drags him out to debase himself in front of other men. Toby is bent over and fucked while his mates laugh in his face. He may be older, but this dopey cunt is no wiser! It’s such a rush getting off on this man’s body and remembering what he was like as a boy.

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:17
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