Toby part 11

Since Toby’s return he’s become very popular. We can’t get enough of his new hunky man’s body either! This stupid masculine fucker is worth a mint and it’s time we made some money whoring him out. To do that we have to train him in absolute subservience. He must present himself wearing nothing but a jock strap like a real rugby player who we’ve nabbed from the boys’ locker room! We make this big thick daddy grovel at our feet, worship our filthy boots and crouch on the floor as a footstool. As we knock back a few cool ones his tongue is put to work and Dave cruelly crushes his nuts and dick under hit boot. Toby weeps in humiliation as he cowers on the floor naked desperately lapping at our feet and getting his arse beaten raw. That big manly rump burns red. It’s his duty to present his straight arsehole any time his customer demands it. The sight of his spread cunt is too tempting not to sample and Adrian plows into him while Dave holds him down. Now that we know what a lucrative luscious fuck Toby makes we’re going to preserve him for his first client. A butt plug is shoved up his arse and his genitals are clamped in a chastity device. Now he’s ready and waiting for the highest bidder.

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