Thumbs to toes escape challenge

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

My husband Jim Hunter claims he can tie me up with 18 inches of twine and I won’t be able to escape. I laugh when I see that small little piece of twine and tell me I always say I can’t escape just to flatter his manly ego. Jim begins by tying me thumbs tightly together then pushing me down to the floor to remove my Vans sneakers and socks. I know how much he hates when I wear sneakers and I’m wondering what he’s up to. The next thing he does is bind my two big toes together. The twine is super tight and he adds what he calls the "coup de gras" – a piece of twine attaching my feet to my hands. I’m now in a thumbs to toes hogtie. My thumbs and toes are already purple and the bondage with the skimpy 18 inches of twine is extremely restrictive. The bastard grabs my hair and ties it into the hogtie making movement even more difficult. I bitch about not being able to roll over and remind him this is supposed to be a playful and fun escape challenge and he decides he’s had enough of my big mouth so he shoves a ballgag between my lips and tosses a scissor next to my bound body. I am completely helpless and I struggle to untie the knot connecting my toes to my thumbs but my efforts are futile. The only piece that loosened is the hair tie and at this point my hands and feet are completely numb. I cry out through my gag but he ignores me. Finally he comes back and cuts the hogtie twine. I don’t trust him enough to get near my thumbs or toes with the scissor. I manage to wriggle my thumbs loose and start to untie my toes. Holy moly!! They are bright purple. I say he owes me a dinner for my great escape!

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