This is What Alexis Gets for Losing the Escape Challenge Part Three

Video language: English

This clip starts where Part 2 ended… I finish off her bondage with a hogtie. I tell her to struggle again. She say’s she can’t. I don’t like her attitude at all. If she’s not going to even try and struggle then I might as well make her bondage even more strict. I tie her head back and nose hook her. She hates the hooks… I can tell by her moaning and grunting. I sit back and watch her for a bit before I roll her on her side. Now we can get a good look at her tits and tight crotchrope. I watch her again. Earlier, I asked if she wanted to trade the nose hooks for clamps and she mmmppphed a "no". Now she gets them both. Withe Alexis on her side, her nipples are just begging for some clamps, and they get them. I think my work is done here. I leave Alexis as I plan her next escape challenge. I wonder if she’ll accept?

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