The Underground – Scene 4 – Full HD 1080p

First she works on humilating Natalia’s pride, making her wear full Pony Girl harness, walk in circles, trot and perform… urging her on with the riding crop as necessary. Then she works on her endurance, subjecting Natali’s exquisite body to hours of cruel rope bondage, collared and bound and abandoned, no-one to help and no hope of release. That will soon break down her pride and her will! Soon both errant slavegirls are back in the teaching room, demonstrating their skills as sexual submissives. Now their haughter no longer gets in the way of them turning their owner on with sexy dirty talk! They are trained further in slave positions and Natalia begins to learn the duties she will be expected to perform as the house slave of a lesbian mistress….

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Duration: 43:18
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