The Sweet Taste Of Lactation

Video language: English

Brenda has Shelly’s hands and ankles tied. She is blind folded and set up in the bed. Shelly is nervous about Brenda’ plan but goes along with it. They play games all the time just never like this. Brenda slides in behind Shelly and starts grouping her full boobs. She very lightly kisses Shelly’s neck and caresses her boobs. Her bra quickly becomes wet as her boobs begin to leak. Brenda removes her bra and vigorously begins to work on her now engorged breast. They spray like a fountain. She takes her blind fold off and lays her back. It was time to enjoy the sweet taste of lactation. As Brenda begins to milk her boobs Shelly really starts to enjoy it. Brenda unties her wrist and the two girls enjoy the rest of the evening of sticky lactation. Hot girl on girl action.

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