The Real Thing

Studio: perfectslave

I love shoots that inspire me to ask questions about the most sincere expressions of BDSM…shooting this model, Elle, was something of a rare occasion for us…she is just totally naive about perversions and perverts…this is the type of model we all worry a bit about…what the hell is she doing in porn anyway?…and how did she show up at our door to shoot SocietySM with the Pope, when looking at the front page of our site inspired her to tears?…Being a lowly pornographer, it is not my place to quibble about such things…I chalked it all up to having a sense of adventure or needing money really bad…the Pope and I have put the brakes on many a shoot for many different reasons, but we do find a point of pride in taking the most rope-shy gal and giving her a good bondage experience…sometimes it ends up so-so, sometimes it ends up great and the model really finds her inner bondage freak…In this case, we got Elle tied up and naked, spread eagle and standing…she’s not much of a damsel actress, but after enough time, the vibrator does it’s job…and what we get is Elle, totally confused about what’s going on…almost like she didn’t know a huge vibrator could make her cum…in fact, in less than 20 seconds, it makes her cum so hard, she calls her safeword…we get her back on track and she becomes a real damsel when she realizes that the cumming isn’t going to stop and she gives a sincere yank to her wrist ropes and figures out what she was hoping wasnt so…she was helpless…the realization is priceless! It isn’t long before she’s cumming again…two more times to be exact….she did a great job…she totally became something that we can’t teach others to feel…humiliated…and she allowed it all to happen through sincere apprehension…This is the only scene we shot with Elle that day…I doubt we’ll see her around again, but I’m very happy that she gave it a shot…lots of chics cannot cum from fear but I’m pretty sure Elle did…something she can be proud of..

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Duration: 9:05
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