The New Hooters Girl At Work Thought She Is All That

Cast: Ludella Hahn, Nyssa Nevers And Brenda Bound
Genres: Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Long Hair, Struggle, Pain, Drool, Hogtied, Hogtie, Big Tits, Big Boobs, Asian, Long Legs, Shoe On The Face, Gagged, Hooters Girl, Role Play
Video language: English

Nyssa had a new trainee at work today. Being a hooters girl is a lot of work and had certain standards to live up to. Nyssa took Ludella under her wing and showed her the ropes. No pun intended. Ludella was very nice at work and her and Nyssa hit it off right away. After working all day together Nyssa invited Ludella over a for drink after work and to meet her girl friend. They get home and Nyssa introduces Ludella to her girl friend Brenda. They sit down on the coach to chat when all of a sudden Ludella throws her feet up on the coffee table and shows her real self. What a bitch with herself indulgent attitude. She just thinks she is all that. Well Brenda and Nyssa wasn’t having it. They quickly put Ludella in her place. They show her how to deal with self indulgent bitches. Let’s welcome Ludella to BrendasBound. She is so awesome!!!!

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