The Maddams Family – Episode 3, sandrasilvers

Mistress Pierce is the figure head of this household of compliance. The ladies that enter her family enjoy and endure many tests to their sensory systems in multiple bondage restraints. Yesterday devilishly delightful dark haired Domme Caroline tied up her latest quartet of willing women in an arms over head (AOH) endurance predicament, to each corner pole of her custom made, steel four poster bed. Their ankles and legs left free of tethers, the foursome in black satin nightwear thought this a kindness, till they realise this purely was for a pleasurable addition their predicament! First to receive Caroline’s attentions was busty blond Lisa Harlotte (view Episode One here), while in Episode Two it was the turn of copper haired, curvy cutie Ami Mercury. Now the sexy, shapely, Sandra Silvers takes her turn to have her silky slip slid up over bare legs, for an industrial strength Hitachi wand to be pressed upon her neatly trimmed triangle between her thighs. Bound orgasms overcome the ballgagged broad, as drool drips over her lips and chin, her clit throbbing at the persistent, pleasurable pulsations from such a powerful vibrator wielded by lesbian domina Caroline. Exhausted and satisfied, Sandra sinks into bondage bliss as Madam Caroline moves on to patiently waiting girl-next-door Lauren Kiley; see her cumming in episode four!

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