The Husband Sitter Gets a Spanking Complete

1080 HD I have a date tonight, so I’ve asked my friend, Morbid Widow, to babysit my husband, Peaches. Peaches is always getting in trouble while I’m out on my dates by eating junk food and playing video games when I’ve explicitly instructed him not to. He absolutely needs a responsible adult to oversee him. I go over a list of instructions that I would like Morbid to make sure Peaches follows. For example, Peaches must be resting by his bedtime of ten pm, eat a healthy dinner, and complete the required reading I have assigned to him. I give Morbid my blessing to punish my husband however she sees fit. I show her my favorite spanking implement and teach her how I do his nightly chastity check. The chastity check is very important because Peaches is prone to overnight emissions, which can be prevented by making sure the device is as tight as possible. Morbid and I check Peaches’ chastity device together before I head out for my date. During our online flirting my date hinted that he’s well-endowed, so I’m very excited to be on my way to get some of my sexual needs met with him.

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