The Born to Be Bound by JJ Plush Part 92

Video language: English

Sass and JJ are closing up at the bar they work at. There is only one patron left and he is with his head down on the bar. JJ tells Sass she can head home. Sass leaves and JJ wakes up the , telling him they should call him a cab. He’s not really though. He has been planning to rob the place. He pulls a gun at her and points it at her head. When she tells him they didn’t make much money that night he tells her he knows about the safe. He goes around to the back of the bar and begins to tie her up very tightly. Tired of her begging to be let go he pulls out a large full bottom pair of panties and he shoves them in her mouth. He is sure to tell him that they belong to a hooker. He takes a piece of cloth and ties it tightly behind her head. She tries desperately not to gag on the panties, her eyes instantly water up. Much to his surprise Sass comes back. She has forgotten her purse. The man hides. She hears JJs cries behind the bar and is shocked to see her all tied up. She starts to try to until JJ, but the man grabs her and starts to rope her up as well. He stuffs her mouth and wraps her head and then takes off to open up the safe. The girls struggle to get free, but this guy really knew how to restrain them. JJ remembers there are a pair of scissors up on the shelf in a cup with some pens. She maneuvers over to the shelf and tries to grab the scissors with her heels. After a lot of tries she finally gets them and they fall to the ground near safe. The girls try to reach the scissors but before they can make use of them the thief comes back. He plans to hogtie the girls. When he moves them, he finds the scissors. Heartbroken the girls have no other choice but to get hogtied. The man leaves them there with their blouses open and their big boobs out.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 22:15
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 3906kbps
Audio: 375kbps

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