The B&D Call Center – Part Five – Candle Boxxx, americandamsels

The final chapter of this fantasy takes place at the end of the workday, and Candle Boxxx has time to take one more call. The client tells her about his fantasy of taking her out on a bondage date. As they enter her apartment she tells her POV companion that she had a really good time. She giggles and tells him that even though it’s only been their first date, she feels like she’s already known him for a while because of the times he’s called. She wonders if he wants to something fun while he’s here. To the date’s surprise, she tells him to follow her into the bedroom. She then reaches under the bed and pulls out a shoebox which contains some rope, handcuffs, ballgag, and a vibrator. She fiddles with the handcuffs in her hands, and teases her date by telling him that since he’s been so good on the phone with his fantasies, she wants to know if he’s also that good in bed. She then tells him to tie her up and show her what he’s got. Dressed up in stockings and lacy bra and panties,Candle is tied down spreadeagle to the bed. Her hands are cuffed above her head, and her ballgag has been put to good use. The vibrator is rigged between her thighs and after enjoying her delicious struggles for a moment, her POV date exposes her nipples and activates the device pressed up against her nether region. Candle thrills to the sensation of her bondage and the seductive hum of the Hitachi. It’s not long before she can no longer hold back, and she experiences a series of bed-shaking orgasms. Sadly (for Candle), it was all just a fantasy, and just another day at the B&D Call Center.

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Duration: 14:56
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