The Abduction of Mistress Irony

While waiting for her next dungeon client to arrive, Mistress Irony is overtaken by a man in black who overwhelms her and renders her unconscious. She awakens in a strange place, perhaps an abandoned factory, restrained to a table, blindfolded. The man in black appears to be determined to teach Mistress Irony a bit about submission, and to her wild protests, kicking, screaming and spitting, subjects her to a particularly cruel and intense series of hot wax, nipple and clit torture, ice, and a very forced orgasm. Just when she thinks he is finished with her, he puts a very strong clit suction cup on her and punishes her with a very hard cropping. After a second screaming forced orgasm, he abandons her to find her own way to escape his bizarre realm or true Sadism.

WMV HD 720p.
14:50 Minute Run Time
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