That Fetish Girl – Rich Bitch Tied Sold

A masked women has broken into Adara’s house to hold her for ransom. Adara has a rich step- so the robber is expecting to get a big pay day. The robber is hiding behind the couch when Adara walks into the room with a cocktail. Adara sits on the couch and the robber grabs her from behind and hand over mouth gags her until she is out. She gropes her darling but the effects don’t last long and Adara is wakes up. The ribber quickly stuffs her mouth with panties to gag her and wraps her head with vet wrap. She then pulls out a piece and tells Adara that she’s holding her hostage and to hope that her step- loves her enough to pay the hefty ransom. She tells her to strip out of her clothes down to her pantyhose then brings out rope and ties Adara’s wrists, ankles and chest. The robber decides she might as well have some fun with Adara. She unzips her catsuit and puts on a strap-on as Adara struggles. She makes Adara get on her knees and removes the gag. She begins face fucking Adara. The woman picks up her phone and makes the ransom call to step- as his step- chokes on her cock. She then shoves Adara’s worn panties in her mouth and wraps them in but this time with duct tape. She unties her ankles and makes her get in on the couch. The robber rips her pantyhose and fucks her until she cums all over her cock. The woman grabs the rag and places it tightly over Adara’s mouth until she goes out again.

Format: mp4
Duration: 48:07
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