That Fetish Girl – Her Own Personal Sex Slave

Veruca arrives at Dixies, dressed like a slut as requested by Dixie. She makes sure that Veruca is willing to do anything for the job and is pleased when the girl has not told anyone where she is. Veruca was interviewed by Dixie earlier in the day, for a job that Veruca was not qualified for. Veruca voiced that she would do anything for the job, so Dixie took her up on it and invited her over to her house. Dixie fondles Verucas body as she praises her sexy outfit-she sits down and orders the girl over her lap. Dixie insists when Veruca is hesitant and thinking that they were only fucking. Antyhing, means anything so Veruca climbs over her lap. Dixie spends a few seconds fondling the girls ass through her short skirt, before edging it up and to spank her. Dixie pulls down her panties and fingers her pussy before spanking her butthole and moving back to the cheeks. Dixie orders the girl to stand and to follow her to the bedroom.

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