Sydney Hale Tied to a folding chair in her pantyhose

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

There are many moments when I try and be lady like, but I can’t promise anything. This was one of those moments where I was trying…..really hard! my guy had asked me to try and be sexy and do a little strip tease, I felt like the girl next door trying to be sexy and felt super awkward. He had set the chair up and I thought he was going to make me do a dance or something but his one simple request was simply to sit. He first tied my ankles together and also to the chair. Followed by my hands behind my back. Nothing I wasn’t used too. But then he brought out the hanging rod from the closet and my mind started going crazy trying to figure out what he was going to do with that. The possibilities are endless…..The smirk on his face didn’t help the situation. He circled me a few times playfully hitting me with it before finally shoving behind my arms. Quickly before I could let it fall he tied rope around my thighs and then attached each rope to the rod behind me, very tightly. XXXX my legs open and rolling my shoulders back in proper posture. My guy isn’t so cruel that he lets me be without any pleasure, he tied a crotch rope on me while I was sitting, making it both pleasurable and fun for both of us. I was starting to feel less and less lady like with every piece of rope he added. He told me that I wasn’t vulnerable looking enough, so he added on the panel harness gag on. Drool started falling from my mouth and slowly making its way down my chest and across my breasts. Because I just wasn’t finished my guy tied my elbows together XXXX them to be the closest they’ve ever been. IT WAS VERY TIGHT and it stretched my shoulders back like you wouldn’t believe. My guy was excited and he kept walking around me like I was his prey ready to be pounced on. He couldn’t help himself the drool was covering my chest he decided to smear it all over chest and cover me in my own drool. I struggled and fought it, but with every struggle everything just tightened on me, zero chance of escape….period. So much for being lady like!

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