Sydney Hale – The clothes were supposed to stay on!

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I told my guy I had a little secret for him, but I said the only way he gets to know the secret is if he ties me up and plays with me first. The only thing he couldn’t do was add a crotch rope. As casually as possible I strolled away and told him he had to come and get me! He caught me and delicately placed me on the coffee table. I liked that he was going along with me. He tied my upper thighs and then my ankles. He tied them tight and secure, him I told him "Is this the best you can do…" Grabbing my wrists with XXXX he quickly and efficiently wrapped and tied them together, and created a harness over my breasts and attaching back to my wrists. He made sure to lift my hands and give me chicken wings, which isn’t a very comfortable position. As a playfully moaned and commented on his bondage tying abilities, he started to get an evil look in his eyes. Taking his own sock off he XXXX open my mouth and secured the sock around like a cleave gag. It was tight and cutting into the corners of my mouth. When I thought he was going to stop he kept adding more shit to my mouth. I know I have a large mouth but not that large. He shoved 3 pairs of panties into my mouth around the sock gag and then to make sure I couldn’t spit that out he taped my mouth shut with duct tape. And because he didn’t think that was sufficient he wrapped an ace bandage around, making it so tight that my face started to tinkle from lack of flow. Because he knows how much I dislike it, he tied my elbows together, reminding me that I needed to practice my stretching anyway. Wrestling me to the floor he pulled my pants down to reveal my lacey red panties. They were snug to my body and showed off my ass ever so nicely. He flipped me over and pulled up my shirt to expose my breasts. As he came at me with another rope, he pinched and slapped my breasts, causing me to scream behind my gag. With the rope he did exactly what I asked him not to do, he tied on a crotch rope. He made me squirm around and I tried to escape. He flipped me over again exposing my ass and slapped it a few times, leaving handprints. I was going to let him know my secret but he didn’t listen to the one rule…

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