Sydney Hale & the Armbinder!

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

There are some ties that are so simple but yet cause me the most pain and discomfort. This was one of those ties. We used the simple nylon body harness from BondageWebbing, and my least favorite, the leather armbinder. I was put into my Hottbonds gag first because that piece I do enjoy, and then the leather armbinder. My arms instantly start to get hot and sweaty in it, causing me great discomfort. I was then clicked into the nylon body harness and those straps were tightened as tight as they could go. I struggled a bit in the arm binder, but my guy didn’t like that I still had the use of my legs. He sat me down on the floor and tied my ankles together as I sat on the floor. He then tied a rope around my neck to act as an anchor point. He tied the rope from my ankles to my neck XXXX me to bend over. That bent over motion caused my arms a lot of strain and tension. I struggled about a bit, but my arms were going numb very quickly and the more I struggled the more pain it caused. I pleaded and pleaded to be untied but my cries weren’t heard, only laughed at. He was enjoying my pain just a little too much.

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