Sydney Hale – She knows it’s dangerous to wear yoga pants around the house

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

On my days off I tend to only wear yoga pants, because well they are tight and they make my ass look good and well I know my guy loves seeing me in really tight tight pants. He came home from running errands that I sent him on. He saw me bent over cleaning the floors, my ass shaking in the air that he immediately went and got the suitcase of rope. He tied my upper body all tight and added a crotch rope. But what he really wanted to focus on was my ass and my pants. Every other second my guy was slapping my ass and running his hands up and down my legs and around my waist. He started with the first rope around my upper thighs, for when it was tight it lifted my ass and showed it off. He worked his way down my legs creating individual rolls with every layer of tight rope all the way down my ankles. My legs were so tight that I could barely stand. Because well he can’t just stop at simple my guy added the harness ball gag and even though it was already secure he secured it even more with an ace bandage. He then laid me on the kitchen table as if I was his center piece and my ass and legs were the highlight of it. I struggled and wiggled my ass in the air and let my guy have his show.

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Duration: 3:21
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