Sydney Hale – She came home with a new chair

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

my guy kept talking about how a metal folding chair would be ideal to tie me too. So one day I came home and surprised him with one. I had no idea what I was in for. I had done chair ties before but nothing prepared for what was to happen. As I strutted around in my heals and pantyhose I was feeling a little cocky thinking a chair tie, no problem. Before I sat down my guy added a very intricate upper body harness that worked their way around my boobs. As I was sitting he tied each ankle to the front bar of the chair and tied a rope up around my upper thigh to the side of the chair. I kept taunting and egging my guy on that I could handle whatever way he tied me. He tied a tight crotch rope on, since my legs were spread you could see very well how it dug into my crotch. He then lifted my arms up over the back of the chair tying my arms to the bottom rail of the chair, XXXX me to stick my chest out and spread my legs wider. Knowing that I was already struggling, he didn’t care and shoved panties in my mouth and secured it with black electrical tape, then secured that with the ace bandage, knowing how much I hate it. Flipping and moving me about he put me into time out to face the wall. If only he had brought out my special friend Mr. Hitachi. But no he brought out the black leather collar because he just likes to add one more thing…and then one more thing, dirty panties over my head where I had to smell myself. So much for an easy chair tie.

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