Sydney Hale – Secretary chair tie

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

When I come home from work after a long business meeting day my guy, knows I need some help relaxing and have some fun in my outfit, because what’s the point in wearing business attire if you can’t do something slutty in it. He pulled out my office chair and got straight to work. He tied each ankle to the legs of the chair, my knees together and some nice tight rope around my upper thighs to the seat of the chair. My ass wasn’t going anywhere. My arms came up and over the back of the chair, which was quite the stretch and he tied my wrists together. He even added the nice touch of the leather collar, letting me know he meant business. He then managed to tie my upper arms together, causing strain to my shoulders. He knows how much I love to drool all over myself, he added the panel gag. So I was gagged and uncomfortable, but still feeling classy in my blue suede shoes. He then tied a rope from the bottom of my gag down to my crotch rope and then re-tying my wrists to either side of me by anchoring them to the new gag rope. Knowing that my ass was firmly planted in that chair in there was no chance of me escaping, my guy blindfolded me, making my be thrown off and always causing me to go into panic mode. And my panic mode wasn’t enough for him, he even decided to top it off with a face hood, causing me to panic even more. But I know I was okay I was able to calm down and enjoy the simple pleasure of my guy touching me however he damned well pleased. Well….that is until he decided to add the clothes pins to my nipples which started another round of moans and groans and pain….. I enjoyed every minute of it.

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