Sydney Hale – It was just another lazy weekend around the house

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

It was just another lazy weekend around the house, and when I’m home being lazy very little clothing is needed. Just from me walking around in my lingerie my guy got inspired and wanted to tie me up! Obviouisly I let him, well because I love being tied up. He started by tying my arms in a box tie behind my back, then added a harness rope around my shoulders. Because well I was being sassy, he kindly added a crotch rope…and he made it nice and tight, just how I like it! With a long rope he tied my legs together extremely tight. So tight that my ankle bones were rubbing together and it was hurting, I was greatful for the socks. When you are sassy one too many times you get uncomfortable gags put on. My guy took the sports wrapping tape and secured two pairs of underwear in my mouth. He even went over my hair with the tape, which didn’t hurt when it went on but I was too excited about it coming off. To throw off my balance I was blindfolded and told to stand up. My balanc was way off, I was just grateful for the table against my legs as a reference point. The next thing you know I was on the ground just trying to figure out where I was in relation to everything else in the room. When my guy finally took off the blindfold it was like I had never seen light! The marks on my arms from the rope made me happy to get tied up!

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