Sydney Hale – I had just gotten home from an evening out

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

I had just gotten home from an evening out and was feeling sassy in my red heels. When my guy wanted to enjoy my strict tight pants and red heels for himself. He started with my arms in a box tie behind my back. Then got all fancy with a chest harness accentuated around my breasts. XXXX me to sit down he didn’t want me to know what else he was going to do to me, so he blind folded me. I could feel that he tied another rope around my right ankle, not to tight but tight enough that I could feel its presence. Due to my lips moving too much and having noise come out of my lips, my guy gagged me with the panel gag to shut me up! he changed out the chin straps to go up and around my neck, my least favorite. It was rubbing against my throat causing me to panic a little from being a little too tight. Wrestling me to the ground my senses were all off from the blind fold. I didn’t know where I was in the relation of the room. I was tied in what felt like a half hog tie, half frog tie. One leg frog, one leg hog. He tied my large toe in a rope and attached it to the top of the gag. My foot was XXXX me to hold my head up. After awhile it had become eerily quiet and I felt like I was all alone tied in the room.

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Duration: 4:25
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