Sydney Hale – I don’t know what it is about red lingerie but it makes

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

I don’t know what it is about red lingerie but it makes me feel like I’m the sexiest woman alive. Top it off with a pair of nylons and you can’t go wrong! I was prancing around the house as such shaking my ass to the beat of the music and decided that it was time to be playful. I brought out my folding chair and grabbed the suitcase of goodies and waited patiently for my guy to come play with me. I sat down in my chair trying to be all ladylike. My guy tied my ankles to the back leg of the chair XXXX my legs to spread apart. Wanting to make sure I was secured to that chair, he used one long rope to tie around my thighs and to the back of the chair. I started to play with myself because I was getting so turned on, but my guy wanted to watch me squirm, he tied my wrists behing my back. I kept trying to kiss him and that was a no no as well, so he gagged me with red 2" ball gag. I immedietly started drooling all over the place. I started drooling so much that my guy put a bowl under me to catch all my drool. Wanting me to be more uncomfortable he tied my elbows together XXXX me to lean forward in the chair. I was so uncomfortable but yet still very much turned on, turned on so much I was allowed to have a nice tight crotch rope to rub against my pussy. I was a lucky girl when I got manhandled a bit and my breasts decided to come out and play.

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