Sydney Hale – Hogtied in the clothes she had on

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

At any given moment in our day can turn into a bondage moment. I was simply going about my own business cleaning and doing my own thing when I was cornered in our bedroom. My guy shut the door and he had the suitcase full of rope in one hand and his camera in the other and a evil little smirk on his face. Knowing I couldn’t escape I played along with my guy’s game. I posed and tried to be as sexy as possible in my grungy jeans. My guy then grabbed me with me XXXX and XXXX the rope around my upper arms, pulling my elbows close together, he exposed my breasts and used the rope to hold my shirt to make sure they were always exposed. He then tied my wrists together and then anchored it my upper arms. I wasn’t escaping anytime soon. I thought I was being a good submissive and thought that this was enough but my guy brought out the Panel gag to quiet me even more. XXXX me to the ground my guy was able to use a damn toe tie and tie my leg up in a frog position. The toe was tight and uncomfortable hitting several nerves causing pleasure and pain. My guy wasn’t done with me yet. He tied my other ankle and attached that rope to the back of my head. I HATED IT!!!!! The panel gag has straps that push on my throat if I tip my head back. Having it attached to my foot I was choking and gagging myself more. The amount of drool collecting behind the panel was smearing all over my face. Finally after my guy saw that I was in enough discomfort and after he got his pleasure of watching me struggle he let me out.

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Duration: 2:43
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