Sydney Hale – A frog tie in bed

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I was getting ready for bed, putting on my comfy clothes, and warm socks and my guy came to me with a plead in his eyes, asking to tie me up. He is very persuasive with his hands and puppy eyes, how could I say no. He sat me down on the bed and tied my hands behind my back. Thinking I might try and be sneaky he wrapped my fingers in electrical tape. He kept telling me that this will tire me out and I’ll XXXX so much better, as I protested that idea, he shoved 3 pairs of panties in my mouth. He then secured those with electrical tape over the top. I thought he might be done there, but oh no. He placed another pair of my cotton panties over my head and then secured those tightly with an ace bandage. It was very hard to breathe with both my mouth covered and my nose. XXXX me to stand he tied a crotch rope on, very snug, it was making its way up all the cracks slowly. Man handling me back onto the bed my guy then tied my ankles to my thighs, in a frog tie. It made it difficult to move at all. My breathing started getting more and more difficult as time went on. Not having much of a choice he tied my upper arms together, XXXX my chest into the bed. Causing me to grasp for air. He saw that I was really struggling and kindly took out the gag. Even after he took it out he continued to enjoy the rest of me being tied up

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