Sybil has definitely sexed herself up

Release Year: 2022
Genres: Bdsm, Spread Mouth Gag, And Facial
Video language: English

Sybil has definitely sexed herself up…or perhaps she has just bloomed again…she has a confidence now that seems more apparent than before…and it is very attractive…I noticed it as soon as I saw her…another model whom I have known for years, but have never personally worked with…I bind her knees and hands, and lead her into the bedroom on a rope leash…I keep her on the bed throughout the entire day…a good queen sized bed with a strong headboard and frame is all the bondage furniture you’ll ever need along with one sturdy rig point…What is much harder to find is a submissive like Sybil…she has been trained well…it is truly effortless Domination…so I spend my efforts on finding all the places that Sybil considers extra sensitive…It really is quite a relaxing day…for me anyway…I do exert myself in the last scene…lots of impact play…After the shoot she made a very interesting remark…the ability to endure has less to do with decreasing one’s sensitivities through increased play than it does with simple submission…in other words, people may think that Sybil feels less, which is why she can endure more…but that is not the case at all…she endures more because she submits more completely…which makes her a very powerful individual…watch out for this one as she learns more to use that power in other realms…but Sybil has truly mastered submission…Ogre

Total size: 1.2 GB in 10 files.