As Professor Johnny continues his lesson, I end up a little more tied up. But, I’m glad that I am the student that he chose to model in this particular course. Wearing my standard uniform of red plaid skirt, white button up shirt, white knee high socks and saddle shoes, Johnny progresses the scenario. He turns me over on my back, so that the chest harness squeezes my arms between my back and the ledge. He has already switched my gag to a silver duct tape gag while I was sitting on the ledge (what bondage lesson would be complete without a little duct tape). He unties my legs and the secures them with more rope to the column in front of me. My skirt falls forward revealing my white satin panties and long smooth legs. But, something is missing. Johnny explains to the class that when you finally have a damsel right where you want her, you need to find some way to build on the situation. In this case, he secures a hitachi to me, producing a satisfying orgasm. Now, class, time to test on what we have learned. Make sure you include drawings with your responses on the test.

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