Suck Part Two

PD took the metal frame and strapped me in; then spun me round and round. He wanted me to do something, which I still refused, so he tormented me some, caning, flogging, spinning. The spinning finally did me in. It’s a scary feeling, being strapped into something and feeling helpless, unable to get out, and being flipped around and around, feeling like you’re going to fall on your face sometime, inevitably. Exhilarating too in a way, and you think, oh it’s not so bad, until it happens again and again, and then you realize no, no more. So I reluctantly gave in, and I hated feeling like I’d given in, so I became subdued.
Next, he took me out and stuck me into a hood, and I had a panic attack. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and was suffocating, and didn’t think I could handle it. After a bit of coaxing, I finally relented and agreed to try it again. The second time wasn’t as bad, but I still felt like I was going to suffocate, and I was scared. He finally let me out of the hood after what felt like an eternity, and stuck me into a metal frame cage. Then he hoisted me into the air. Okay, so here, another thing; I am scared to disappear of heights. especially in a little cage, and despite my misgivings, I was stuck in the cage, so I screamed as he pulled me higher and higher into the air, until I was almost at the top of the barn. He left me there screaming.
The day’s over, and it’s almost time to go home. I feel like I’ve been relieved of something again this trip. Everytime I come here, there’s usually a session or two that is more intense than the others, and I feel cleansed afterwards. Usually it has to do with some sort of psychological trauma, some sort of major fear. They challenge me here though, and coax me to face my fears, and I feel like I really do end up facing myself ultimately, and it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s something therapy never could do, but it’s interesting about this world, it offers something so extreme, so out of the ordinary, it allows you to be somebody for a moment. It more than anything, relieves you. And for me, allows me to really trust people again, for a little while at least. I can’t wait to come back for another session!
You leave the farm awed, never having realized there was a whole different world out there, behind closed doors. It’s time to go back home to the ordinary, to your life. You’re glad to go back, but you have a few things to ponder now, thoughts and ideas run through your mind, new doors have been opened to you, your eyes opened. What will you do? The figure says "Goodbye, you’re always welcome back!" Maybe you will be back.

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