Stuck Duck

Tia does not want to displease PD. He can be cruel and even worse when not happy. If this bitch wants to stay safe she better comply with every order, no questions asked, and PD can be pretty demanding. Things like multiple intense orgasms are tough to suffer through, but when told to do it in silence tia just cannot manage. Normally he would just gag her on his cock, but today PD is especially cruel.
His screaming bitch is nice and quiet behind the thick walls of the tank. Even when she is at her loudest they so muffled and distant that no one can hear her. Tia is going to be down there for a while, too. With the water level rising it is even more real. There is no escape from this situation. She will just have to hope PDs move improves and he will show some mercy.

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Duration: 36:41
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