Stormy: Talk about home improvement

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Stormy is all ready to go out with her boyfriend tonight, dressed in a slutty little black two piece dress that shows off her flat stomach and hints at everything else. She’s getting ready to leave when she discovers her contractor, Ivan, nosing around in the garage. He SAYS he’s looking for tools, but he’s a contractor, he should have his own tools, right? She bitches at him about that, as she has about everything else, and now she’s threatening to call Ivan’s boss and report his incompetence. Ivan has simply had enough of her . As she starts to go off to get her phone, he grabs her from behind, puts his big hand over her mouth, and pulls her back towards where he’s been snooping, where there’s an interesting contraption he’s been wondering about. As he presses Stormy against the wooden pole, he asks her what it’s for. Of course, she tells him it’s none of his damn business, but he thinks he knows, and when he starts tying her arms behind the pole, her reaction seems to support his assessment – she and her boyfriend like to play a little rough! He pulls her skimpy top down to expose her full breasts, and when he squeezes her tits, she moans. After all her bitching at him, Ivan has finally done something she likes! He wraps another rope around her neck, making her gasp, and just to make sure she’s not going to attract the attention of the neighbors with her apparent pleasure, he stuffs a handkerchief into her mouth and tapes it in place. She doesn’t much like the new development, and whimpers and whines at Ivan. Her whimpers turn more into moans of appreciation when he pulls her skirt up, tucks it out of the way, and starts tying her ankles and knees. Ivan starts to muse about Stormy’s boyfriend, who she says will come looking for her in about an hour or so, and Ivan wonders if he will be more aroused or more upset that another man is playing with her. It quite obviously turns Stormy on, though. He reminds her of her threat to call his boss, and returns it with a threat of his own – that he’ll call her boyfriend to see her enjoying another man’s touch. But she puts on a nice little show of struggling and squirming against the pole, so Ivan offers another possibility – when he comes back tomorrow to work on her kitchen, she’ll be dressed all sexy again, and he’ll tie her to the pole again, or tie her some other way, and they’ll have some more fun, and Ivan’s boss will never know. He steps back to enjoy the show again and take a few pictures as insurance that she’ll cooperate, as she shifts on her feet, flexing her sexy legs, pulling on the neck rope and generally being hot as hell. Ivan steps in to un-gag her, and asks her if she’s enjoying herself as much as he is. She only asks him to get rid of the pictures, but he reminds her that’s how he’s going to keep her straight. Even though she might not admit it, the idea of being used like that by Ivan kinda turns her on. Well, this is turning out to be a home improvement to remember! Starring Stormy Night.

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